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Obtain inspection report  (3) expand_more expand_less
Obtain livestock breeding services provider's licence  (3) expand_more expand_less

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Summary of the procedure

Institutions involved 1 expand_more expand_less

Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) (x 6)

Results 1 expand_more expand_less

Livestock breeding services provider's licence

Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Application form for breeding service provider's licence
Semen production facility inspection report
Livestock Genetics Society of East Africa Membership Certificate
Certificate of incorporation
Valid tax compliance certificate
Business proposal
Veterinary paraprofessional registration certificate
Certificate in animal health, production and artificial insemination in cattle
Payment advice
Directorate of Veterinary Services receipt

Cost KES  1,500 expand_more expand_less

KES 1,500
For livestock breeding services provider's licence.

Total Duration 5 d - 13 d expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Total time (sum): 5 d 13 d
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum): 15mn 50mn
Attention at counter: 2h. 10mn 5h. 20mn
Waiting time until next step (sum): 5 d 12 d

Laws 2 expand_more expand_less

Kenya Subsidiary Legislation 1998 Animal Disease Act - Subsidiary Legislation 1998 First schedule
Crop Production and Livestock (Cattle) (Artificial Insemination) Rules Crop Production and Livestock (Cattle) (Artificial Insemination) Rules
  Sections 3, 4